Two or three years ago, won the foreign fashion information blog is very popular, but now is completely not, people can get the information from a variety of places, not necessarily look at your blog can not be. In the report or writing a fashion event, I suggest you to express their point of view -- never mind whether to accept the views of readers, are better than nothing!
Although not up to the magazine design level, but the most simple mosaic picture function should learn it, it can make your narrative is more abundant. Pull the single product drawing too much trouble? I have a very simple way, try to find those white single diagram (many of the brand's official website has such product single chart), and the PS in the "magic wand" to pull out. It sounds silly? Yes, but at least you can in the shortest time to release information rich, than those who always talk guy but much stronger.
Now is the time micro-blog! Although blog not only 140 words sucks, but copious and fluent at 1000 is absolutely not! Readers don't mind sitting in front of the computer to read it. Best to put a blog limit in 500-800 words, foreign names as abbreviations (also don't all transliteration, easy to visual fatigue), express to concise and comprehensive to say.

Don't think that between network media and print media never mind, you know the reader's reading habits but like. The font size, blank, blank line spacing...... Find some of the best magazines, their layout pattern applies to your blog, ensure the popularity surge.